Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Me : you dont leave very nice comments
Me : AND
Me : i wasnt bashing britbrit
DS : dude
DS : you were
DS : and it was a funny comment
M: i was NOT bashing
DS: dude
DS: i looked again
DS: it's bashing
DS: you called her hulk
Me : whatever. she was hulk! she fucked that SUV upwith an umbrella!
Me: not an easy task
DS : dude
DS : just the fact that you posted about her is making fun
Me : no, i thinkpeople should leave her the fuck alone or shes gonna kill herself
DS : yeah
DS : exactly
DS : then why did you post that?
Me : cause i wasnt making fun!
DS : but you think people should leave her alone
Me : yes
DS : or shes gonna suicide
Me : yeah
DS : then why don't you leave her alone?
Me : you started it!
Me : i found out about her cause of your BLOG!
Me : i am in south america!
DS : that was before it was apparent she was going off the deeep end
DS : and i was saying i liked her hair
Me : so
Me : i learned it from watching you mommy
Me : :)


Anonymous ds said...

why don't you just admit that the original comment was a funny comment and move on?

1:28 AM  

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