Friday, February 09, 2007

Same Annoying Looking Person

G had a very keen observation today. That Jessica Simpson and Ricky Martin are the same person. I am laughing because he's right and also because in the pictures he sent me for comparison, you can see her nip...


Anonymous El Pertardo said...

It should be noted, I merely pointed this out to YOU today. This, I decided years ago drinking martini's while sitting around in my underwear, watching ET. Wait, it may have been Access Hollywood, who's to say? Who's to say?

10:34 AM  
Anonymous ds said...

i am in love with her (partial) nip. this was really all i needed to complete my fantasy. no more do i have to wait for her father to tell her to take it all off for playboy. my brain has done the work, like a computer from an '80's teenage movie, and through the process of extrapolation removed the clothes from her body and seered that image in my mind. it was a complicated series of mathematical equations but it was a success!!!

3:58 AM  

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